The two and only!

Known in the motorcycle world for hosting shows and working along side major bike builders in the industry, Jade and Justine have traveled the country hosting live shows, making television appearances, and helping promote at the rallies, runs, and events.


  Jade and Justine are "The Harley Twins", a nickname that was given to them by the Bikers.

  Since 2001 they have been a part of the motorcycle community and have traveled across the country to all major motorcycle rallies, hosting events, promoting, and working along side the “original” Bike Builders from Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off show.

  The Harley Twins are a staple in the motorcycle community and have appeared in several motorcycle magazines, including the cover of UK’s famous 100% Biker, and background cameos on FX’s Sons Of Anarchy.

  Today they work in Digital Media, helped launch a promotional twin network agency called "Take 2 Twins", and are part of a Paranormal Investigating team in Los Angeles. The Harley Twins continue to love and respect their passion for the entertainment industry.


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